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Though the dictionary defines payroll as the list of employees employed in an organization,
however the term greatly refers to the amount of expense that a company has to bear for
paying the salaries, wages, and bonuses to the employees and also the withheld taxes. The
payroll plays a sensitive and crucial role for both accounting and human resource
departments. From the perspective of accounting the timely settlement of payroll and payroll
taxes are crucial as they are bound by the rules and regulations of the different state or
government legislations. However it plays a critical part for the HR department as the
employees generally demands an accurate and timely payment of payroll, the lack of which
can affect the employee morale of the company.

As time is a major factor for the payment of payroll, therefore the payroll department of the
company has to spend a lot of time and energy in crunching the numbers, filing the payroll
tax forms, etc. However the responsibilities of all these activities can be delegated to the
online payroll services that can help an organization to maintain the payroll records
accurately without any mistake and also to file the taxes on time avoiding any chance of
penalties. There are several online payroll services that provides the customers the
opportunity of customized features as per their requirements. The basic payroll services
provided by the online solutions include the payment of the employees automatically through
check or NEFT, calculations of the withholding taxes and payments and payment of payroll
taxes. The payroll tax calculator is a great help in such cases that can be availed online for
easy calculations of the payroll of a company.

The sophisticated online payroll service providers are capable of integrating the payroll data
with the automated accounting systems of small and medium organizations. The online
payroll services even provide the facility of accessing and managing the payroll activities
from Android devices, iPhone or iPad. Therefore the clients can access avail the details of the
payroll amounts by visiting the portals of the online payroll services besides calculating
them in payroll tax calculator. The online payroll services also maintains the confidentiality
of the client’s information by investing hugely behind the advanced security systems and
software such as state-of- the-art encryption systems, multiple server locations, etc. thus
preventing the hackers from breeching the private information of the client organizations.

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